Alternatif Bank Development Center

Alternatif Bank Development Center

Alternatif Bank continues to run training and development activities in the Alternatif Bank Development Center under a concept called “Everything About Development.”

The Alternatif Bank Development Center seeks to become an innovative and solution-oriented development center supporting employee development at the highest levels. Rather than classic training approaches, the center offers innovative development solutions in line with global trends.

Among the center’s goals are to establish parallels between training and development and the bank’s goals, strategy, and business principles; to support the vision of being clients’ preferred bank by investing in employee development; and to strengthen our values and leadership skills.

At Alternatif Bank Development Center, all training needs are met under one roof — from department-based development programs to development practices, from distance education to special programs designed through university partnerships. The Alternatif Bank Development Center has the capacity to serve up to 10 percent of the company’s entire staff at the same time.

Training and development initiatives from the Alternatif Bank Development Center:

Orientation Program
New employees, experienced or otherwise, are given an orientation program based on their position.

Collaboration with Universities:
Various certificate and special programs are organized in cooperation with leading universities in Turkey.

Banking Training
Employees are given banking training aimed at improving technical knowledge, as well as training in their area of expertise.

Personal Development Training
Special training sessions aim to improve competencies in areas such as dealing with stress, effective time management, and personal brand management.

Leadership and Talent Programs

Future executives programs are set out for the employees who qualify as an MT after successfully completing several assessment stages. Executives and talented employees receive tailor-made visionary training sessions.

Distant Training
We provide training on new products and on main subjects that can be accessed at any time oat AK@mpus, our distant training platform

Alternatif Bank was awarded the prize for the 2014 – 2015 Best Practice in Measurement category at CorpU’s 15th Learning Excellence and Innovation Awards. These prizes are given by CorpU, one of the most respected institutions in training and development.

The CorpU Learning Excellence and Innovation Awards are a long-term and independent assessment of corporate learning and talent programs. Awards are given to corporate universities, non-governmental organizations, and public institutions that enhance business and employee performance in the areas of Corporate Strategy Conformity, collaboration, branding, launches, leadership growth, training technologies, and measuring.

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