Salary and Benefits

Salary and Benefits


Salary is mainly determined based on performance and work assessment system. Salary increases are given once a year


Related Coverage:

  • Employees are covered by the SSI and Private Health Insurance
  • Employees can also benefit from the Private Pension Plan with Company Contribution, which was formed to support protecting employees’ income level in their retirement with the savings starting today.
  • Employees who have an accident risk because of their duty, are covered by Personel Accident Insurance.
  • Shuttle service is provided to employees working at the headquarters. Shuttle service is also provided for headquarter employees who do overtime.
  • The headquarters feature a dining hall and branches feature lunch tickets.

Time-off Practices

Paid Time-off:

  • From 1 year to 5 years: 15 business days
  • From 5 years to 15 years: 20 business days
  • 15 years and over: 26 business days

Other time-offs are ruled by Labow Law. Also:

  • Employees can take a time-off in their birthday.
  • Alternatif Bank Mothers can take a time-off in the first school day of their children.

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