Compensation and Benefits

Through our focus on continuous improvement and high performance, we are preparing our employees for future.

Compensation and Benefits

Our New Generation Working Model AlterFlex: Our flexible working model, which we have implemented under the name of “AlterFlex” as Alternatif Bank, reflects our understanding of an employee experience compatible with the new world of work and employee. AlterFlex is our new generation working model that offers both remote and flexible working together. In this context, our Head Office employees can work remotely once a week (Friday in summer period and Wednesday in winter period). With the flexible working hours model Head Office employees can determine their daily working hours (by completing 9 hours with a one-hour lunch ) themselves. However between 10:00am - 16: 00pm defined as core hours and all the employees must be in the office or be online during these time. Flexible working hours can also be applied on remote working days too. Within the scope of AlterFlex, an additional two-day administrative leave is defined for our Head Office teams and all branch employees who cannot work remotely due to their duties.

Alternatif Bank’s compensation policy is based on a fair pay management policy and is subject to variation depending on the individual performance of employees as part of the “Total Earnings System”, which aims to establish a high performance-oriented corporate culture. 

  • 12 monthly salaries are paid throughout a calendar year on gross basis.
  • Annual bonus paid once a year depending on the Bank and individual employee performances in related performance year.
  • Lunch meals are covered with meal cards.
  • Transportation services for Head Office employees are provided with shuttles.
  • Private health insurance is provided for our employees, and it also covers their spouses and children.
  • Our employees who have more than 6 months seniority, can join Alternatif Bank Employer Group  Pension Plan, that Alternatif Bank contributes our employees savings.

Annual leave policy is based on the following seniority criteria.

  • 15 working days for 1-5 years
  • 20 working days for 6-15 years
  • 26 working days for 16 years and above    

Alternatif Bank also has leave practices in order to support our employees for work - life balance : 

  • Our employees can take 1 day paid time off for their birthdays.
  • Employees who have children in primary school can take half day  paid time-off for first and left days of school.
  • 1 day paid time-off for their children high school enrolment arrangements.

Compensation and Benefits

Vision and Mission

As Alternatif Bank, we create a difference with our innovative and focused banking approach.

About Commercial Bank

Offering innovative banking services to a wide range of customers in retail, public and corporate segments, The Commercial Bank is considered among the leading financial institutions of the fast-growing and developing Qatari economy.

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