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Kaan Gür

Board Member – CEO

Kaan Gür is a seasoned banker with 30 years of professional experience in the banking industry demonstrated through a remarkable track record in effective management. Having completed his undergraduate degree at the Department of Banking and Insurance at Gazi University, he earned his Master degree from Middle East Technical University, Executive MBA. Gür began his career at Garanti Bank in 1989. Prior to serving as Director in charge of SME Marketing Coordination, he assumed the roles of branch and regional manager in Corporate, Commercial and SME Banking at Garanti Bank. Gür joined Akbank as Executive Vice President in charge of SME Banking in 2011. He served as Executive Vice President of Commercial Banking, including overall responsibility for the Bank’s Cash Management and Trade Finance departments, in Akbank between 2013 – 2017. During his career at Akbank, he held the positions of Chairman of AK Lease and Vice-Chairman of AK Investment, which are both Akbank subsidiaries. Kaan Gür was appointed as the CEO and Board Member of Alternatif Bank in October 2017. He also serves as Chairman of Alternatif Lease and Vice Chairman of Alternatif Invest.

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