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  • Alternatif Bank’s Increases Assets By 21% YoY In Q1 2019

    Alternatif Bank announced its financial figures for the first quarter of the year. Following its above-industry-average growth numbers in 2018, Alternatif Bank also completed the first quarter of 2019 in agreement with its objectives, increasing its consolidated asset size by 21% on a year-over-year basis to TRY 26.5 billion. The Bank’s contribution to the real economy through cash and non-cash loans reached TRY 23.3 billion.

  • Alternatif Bank Celebrates a Successful 2018 With Its Employees and Shares Future Targets

    Alternatif Bank celebrates a successful 2018 with its employees and shares future targets

  • Qatari Investors Meet Turkish Venture Capital Funds in Doha

    Under the leadership of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Investment Office and with the contributions of Alternatif Bank and Commercial Bank, Qatari investors came together for Turkish start-ups in Doha

  • Emre Tongo Is The New General Manager at Alternatif Lease

    One of the sector’s experienced names, Emre Tongo is appointed as General Manager to Alternatif Lease, one of Alternatif Bank’s subsidiaries.

  • Alternatif Bank hits 24% growth in 2018

    Alternatif Bank has announced its financial results for 2018. Achieving a significant performance despite challenging market conditions last year, Alternatif Bank increased its assets by 24% to TRY 25.9 billion from 2017. In this period, the Bank’s contribution to the economy through cash and non-cash loans increased by 24% to TRY 23 billion.

  • Alternatif Bank Hits a 41% Growth In The First Three Quarters

    Alternatif Bank announced its third quarter financial results. Achieving a great performance despite unfavourable conditions in global and domestic markets in the third quarter, Alternatif Bank increased its assets by 41% to TRY 29.3 billion from the end of previous year. In this period, the Bank’s contribution the economy through loans increased by 29.6% to TRY 18.9 billion.

  • Alternatif Bank’s new Head Office opening at Vadistanbul

    Contributing to the sustainable development of the Turkish economy, Alternatif Bank moved to its new Head Office building at Vadistanbul. The new Head Office building owned by Alternatif Bank gathers 650 bank employees in İstanbul under one roof, and boasts over 11 thousand m² open offices, modern living spaces and unprecedented greenery, offering a cosy working environment.

  • Alternatif Bank Appoints Ömer Faruk Gönener as Head of Internal Audit

    Standing out in its industry with successful financial figures and strong growth performance, Alternatif Bank has appointed Ömer Faruk Gönener as Head of Internal Audit.

  • One more award for Alternatif Bank’s Annual Report from ARC Awards

    Based on a rebranding concept, Alternatif Bank’s 2017 Annual Report received a Bronze Award in “National Banks Cover Photo/Design” category at ARC Awards, which is accepted as the Oscar for annual reports by the business and finance world.

  • Alternatif Bank Management Appoints Experienced Executive

    An experienced banker, Mrs. Yeşim Şimşek is appointed as Corporate and Affluent Banking Executive Vice President at Alternatif Bank.

  • TIM and Alternatif Bank Sign a Cooperation Protocol

    Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and Alternatif Bank signed a cooperation protocol in order to create tailor-made banking solutions that respond to the financial needs of exporter companies.

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