VOV Account

Advantageous Welcome Interest Rate with Alternatif Bank VOV Account

With VOV Account, you can deposit your money any time you like or withdraw money without breaking the maturity date.


  • Take advantage of the practicality of a current account and a deposit account’s earnings, enjoying daily interest income.
  • Enjoy an exclusive welcome interest rate* upon initial account opening.
  • Handle your daily banking transactions from a single account.
  • Perform money transfer/EFT or automatic payments, or pay your personal loan, overdraft account, or credit card from the VOV Account.
Currency  Amount Exclusive Welcome Interest Rate Standard Interest Rate Current Account Balance
TL 3.500-10.000 %23.50 %15.00 2.500TL
10.001-25.000 %16.50 2.500TL
25.001-50.000 %20.00 2.500TL
50.001-100.000 %20.75 3.500TL
100.001-200.000 %21.50 4.000TL
200.001-300.000 %21.50 5.000TL
300.001-400.000 %22.50 7.500TL
400.001-1.000.000 %22.50 10.000TL
USD 2.000-100.000 %4 %2.25 1.000USD
100.001-200.000 2.000USD
EUR 2.000-100.000 %1.50 %0.75 1.000EUR
100.001-200.000 2.000EUR


  • Savings account with daily time deposit account features.
  • First-time account opening retail customers at our bank will enjoy an exclusive interest rate.
  • You may open an account in TRY, USD, or EUR currencies.
  • You can open only one account in each currency.
  • A one-time exclusive welcome interest rate will apply for a certain period for new account openings.
  • You can open a VOV account at an amount of minimum 3,500 TRY and maximum 1,000,000 TRY. For USD/EUR, the minimum amount is 2,000 USD/EUR and maximum amount is 200,000 USD/EUR.
  • At the end of the exclusive period, account interest rate will revert to standard VOV Account interest rate. The exclusive welcome interest rate will not apply a second time even if the account is closed and reopened again.
  • The balance to be retained in the current account is determined by the Bank depending on the total amount to deposited for VOV Account opening. The current account balance ranges from TRY 2,500 to 10,000 for TRY accounts and from USD/EUR 1,000 to 2,000 for Foreign Currency accounts.
  • The exclusive welcome interest rate begins upon account opening and remains fixed for 90 days. Even if there is no money in the account, time continues to elapse upon account opening.
  • Amounts deposited into the account after 17:00 will start to accrue interest on the following day. No action can be taken with regard to amounts transferred into deposit account after 17:00, and only the balance remaining in the current account can be used between the hours 00:00-03:00 and during official holidays.
  • You may use Internet Branch and ATMs to view the current TRY account to which VOV Account is linked, and deposit into or withdraw money from the account.
  • Perform money transfer/EFT or automatic payment transactions, or pay your personal loan, overdraft account, or credit card from the account.
  • Current interest rate will be valid from the beginning of VOV account opening.

*The Exclusive Introductory Interest Rate is valid for the first 90 days.

You can open a VOV Account at Alternatif Bank’s Branches and Internet Branch. click for the nearest Alternatif Bank branch.

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