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Alternatif Lease


In its commonly practiced form, leasing is a method used for medium and long-term financing of investment goods. In a leasing contract, the leasing company purchases the machinery, equipment, investment goods, and other products which the lessee (investor) needs and approves of all of the technical features, at the price agreed upon between the lessee and the seller to be delivered to the lessee. The investor, or lessee, can take over the ownership of the investment good at the end of the contract term at a symbolic price.

Alternatif Bank Lease offers financing in Turkish lira or foreign currency. Our leasing services provide a long-term financing opportunity while offering a tax advantage based on the selected goods and/or equipment for customers that have limited long-term resources, but wish to invest in machinery, equipment, and hardware.

What leasing products can you purchase?

• Workplace, office, building, and other real estates for your company
• Automobiles
• Computers
• Office equipment
• Medical equipment
• Heavy equipment
• Manufacturing equipment
• Textile machinery and others

Who can lease?

• Joint stock companies
• Private companies
• Limited companies
• General partnerships
• Entrepreneurs
• Joint ventures

Please visit or call us at 0212 315 72 00 for more information on leasing.

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