Collection Management

Collection Management

Direct Debit System

A cash management product, in which companies use our bank’s electronic data exchange system to automatically collect the receivables arising from the sale of goods and services from their dealers, distributors, or customers, and for which the bank provides a payment guarantee on behalf of customers. Companies that have a dealer or distributor system or work with a high number of customers can use this collection system as an alternative to letters of guarantee, cheques, promissory notes, cash, or charge accounts.

Advantages of the System

  • Efficient and fast tracking of receivables.
  • Best alternative to high-maintenance and high-risk collection methods such as cheques, promissory notes, and cash.
  • Tracking all limit-risk and invoice information on Alternatif Bank Online Banking. Effective planning of sales and cash flow of the company.
  • Elimination of collection risk under bank guarantee.
  • Automatic accounting integration.

Cheques and Promissory Note Collection

Customers can swiftly collect the cheques and promissory notes via our bank’s branches. The checks and promissory notes given to our bank for collection can be viewed online as well.
The status of the cheque is sent to our customers electronically so that they can easily record it in their management system and also in their accounting system. This method saves time and labor, and ensures easier tracking for customers who intensively use cheques as a means of collection. At the same time, we offer a cheque collection service for our customers.

Supplier Financing System

A cash management system that offers suppliers liquidity at favorable conditions by ensuring early invoice payment through the assignment of long- and short-term receivables arising from sales by suppliers that offers goods and services to corporate and large-scale companies.

Advantages of the System for the Buyer;

  • Extended and flexible maturity dates.
  • Effective purchasing management and strengthened relationships with suppliers.
  • Easier invoice tracking and reporting.
  • Operational efficiency.

Advantages of the System for the Supplier;

  • Easier loans with favorable interest rates and without providing an additional guarantee.
  • Early collection and financing.
  • Easier tracking and reporting.
  • Increased sales volume.

Fuel Payments

This services allows customers to get their fuel without making a payment at contracted fuel oil stations with our Bank. With this service, customers not only keep their fuel purchases under control, but also benefit from a more effective and guaranteed payment system.

Cash Collection Service

This service offers collection of companies’ cash receivables by officers in armored vehicles at a pre-determined location, day, and time.

Advantages of the System:

  • No risk of carrying and keeping cash.
  • Savings on operational risks and costs.
  • If desired, accounting records can be automatically created for cash movements.

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