Payment Management

Payment Management

Bulk Payment System

This cash management product allows customers to make multiple EFT payments and electronic transfers in one go, and in a fast and secure way, to their suppliers providing goods and services. Payment list is sent to our bank system via Online Banking, FTP/SFTP, or email. The results of the transactions are instantly sent to the company, making it possible to create accounting records automatically.

Advantages of the System:

  • Operational simplicity.
  • Cost and labor savings.
  • Fast access to information.
  • With an overdraft account or a daily credit line assignment, all payments will be made even when the company’s account does not have sufficient funds.
  • Accounting records can be created automatically.

Checkbook and Continuous Checkbook Printing Program

Customers can make payments from company or personal accounts using a chequebook from our bank, eliminating the risk of carrying cash.
Continuous Chequebook Printing Program is a cash management program that allows more effective cash flow management planning with its easy tracking and reporting. Customers that make their payments predominantly by cheque can write these cheques electronically in a fast and organized way.

Advantages of the System:

  • Reduced operational workload and fewer mistakes.
  • Retrospective reporting for previously issued cheques.
  • Database of customers that are paid by cheque.
  • Easier tracking and control processes.
  • Use in Turkish lira or foreign currency.

QR Code Chequebook

The QR Code Chequebook System has been developed to facilitate faster and more secure cheque payments in trading. With the Consumer Reporting Agency service provided on the Findeks platform, the drawer scans the cheque holder’s barcode on the cheque using a smart device and gets a summary cheque report.

Advantages of the QR Code Chequebook:

  • The cheque holder can quickly and easily review the drawer’s cheque payment habits in previous periods.
  • The cheque holder can take measures against fraud, and confirm that the cheque is in circulation.
  • The cheque holder can make faster decisions on cheque business and seize new business opportunities by assessing past performance.
  • Boosts trustworthiness and prestige in business life.

Utility Bill Payments

Easily pay utility bills such as electricity, water, natural gas, and so on at all branches and through our Bank’s Online Banking. We save time and labor for all customers by making utility payments with (automatic) or without a payment order based on their bill or subscription information.
An automatic bill payment order from the customer removes the risk of forgetting the payment. Also, an overdraft limit that can be assigned to the account to ensure that payments are made and service is not interrupted even when there are insufficient funds in the account.

List of Contracted Institutions for Bill Payment by our Bank

Legal Obligation Payments

Customers can easily make payments via our Bank for legal obligations such as income tax, customs tax, SSI, or self-employment tax, as well as Motor Vehicle Tax (MVT).
We act as an intermediary for Health Payments received from the SSI by our customers that are in business as a pharmacy, hospital, laboratory, optician, or dialysis or health center. SSI, self-employed, and retirement fund pensioners can receive their salaries from our Bank’s branches by applying to the relevant institution.

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