Corporate Financing

Corporate Financing

Syndication Loans and Club Loans

We arrange a sydicate of banks in order to provide a significant credit facility, and coordinate the process to make sure that the loan is utilised under agreed terms.

Project Financing and Investment Loans

We develop project financing models and provide long-term financing for infrastructure projects like ports, highways and airports; energy projects; and revenue-generating real estate projects such as shopping malls and (mixed-use) housing projects.

M&A Financing

We provide financing for M&A transactions. We offer long-term M&A financing facilities by devising financing structures to meet the specifications and requirements of the acquired asset or service.

Medium and Long-Term Business Capital Financing

We develop medium and long-term financing models to meet companies’ business capital needs. These loans are provided as a lump sum amount. The repayment plan is structured in equal or flexible installments according to the company’s cash flow.

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