Cash Loans

Business Overdraft Account (BAA)

Financing Netting Accounts

Loans that are issued to meet short-term financing needs and are subject to the provisions of the Netting Account Contract (netting receivables and payables) stipulated by the Turkish Commercial Code. Interests rates vary according to market conditions, and are collected on a quarterly basis. These loans can be paid off prior to maturity, and they are usually provided in return for customer checks or promissory notes.This type of loan functions as an overdraft line easing the short-term financial needs of our clients.

Spot Loan

Loans for which the interest rate is determined and fixed based on market conditions at the time of issue. The fixed interest rate protects companies against market fluctuations. The principal and interest of the loan are collected together upon maturity. Temporary overdrafts are short-term loans that aim to meet customers’ cash requirements.

Discount and Participation Loans

Loans that make it possible to liquidate the commercial promissory notes that arise from real commercial transactions and that are currently not yet due. These are cash loans that are issued by discounting checks that are not yet due yet in order to meet the short-term cash requirements of companies that have a high collection ability and possess post-dated checks and promissory notes. The name “discount” or “participation” is decided according to whether or not the payment location is within the municipality borders.

Interests and commissions, which correspond to the period until the maturity date, and legal deductions based on them such as the Resource Utilization Support Fund (RUSF) and the Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax (BITT) are subtracted from the value of the undue commercial promissory note, and the remaining balance is paid to the last endorser. In other words, a Discount and Participation Loan is selling a promissory note to the bank at a discounted price after endorsing the full amount and delivering the note to the bank.

Installment Loans

Loans you can use to purchase goods, businesses, or vehicles by cash, and pay back in regular monthly installments or in flexible payment plans which you can determine according to your own cash flow.

Foreign CurrencyIndexed Loans

Loans, which are issued in Turkish lira without any foreign exchange commitment and are based on a foreign exchange interest rate by taking into consideration the value that foreign currencies will gain against the Turkish lira, but of which the limit is based on, or indexed to, a certain foreign currency. These loans are paid back in Turkish lira based on the foreign exchange buying rates in effect on the date of issue with a limit allocated for your company. The repayment and interest rate are calculated based on the foreign currency and amount they are indexed to. On the maturity date, you will need to pay off the loan with the principal, interest (including foreign currency increases), RUSF, and BITT.

This loan offers affordable financing to companies as long as the rise in exchange rates remain below interest rates in Turkish lira. Moreover, it does not create a risk of under delivery or penalty for companies since there is no export commitment.

Eximbank Loans

Low-interest rate cash loans that require export commitment and are exempt from taxes, duties, or charges, offered by Türkiye İhracat Kredisi Bankası A.Ş. (Eximbank) to promote exports. They are issued through banks within the limits allocated to banks from Eximbank’s resources.

Eximbank extends loans against an absolute commitment to export goods made in Turkey. Since these loans are issued to promote exports, they are exempt from taxes, duties, charges, and funds. Therefore, they offer cost advantages compared to export loans from other banks. Eximbank loans can be issued in Turkish lira or foreign currency prior to product delivery.

Foreign Currency Loans

Loans that are issued to Turkey-based companies against their commitment to generate certain amount of exports, as part of the CBT’s capital movements directive.

Offshore-funded Pre-export Finance Loans

Customers arrange these loans from the buyer abroad or from international markets and utilise them via our Bank. This type of loans are used in financing exports; sales and deliveries that are regarded as exports; and goods and service purchases which earn foreign currency. The principal amount of the loan, interest and fees, and export costs are paid by the revenues earned from sales and deliveries that are regarded as exports, and from operations that earn foreign currency.

Cash Management

Alternatif Bank Cash Management aims to cut down the operational burden and costs while increasing the effectiveness of the collection and payment process, as well as minimise the possibility or transaction errors and maximise security. With its electronic banking products, it offers tailor-made solutions according to your company’s industry and needs. More information is available at Alternatif Bank branches.

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