Non-Cash Loans

Non-Cash Loans

Trade Financing

Loans that are extended to those involved in exports, sales and deliveries that are regarded as exports, and operations that bring in foreign currency pursuant to the Capital Movements Circular of the CBT, to be used in foreign currency payments with regard to these activities.
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Letters of Guarantee

Letters that are addressed to government agencies and institutions, and to domestic or other natural and legal persons, to provide a guarantee that an action or commitment in issues such as completing a job or paying a debt will be fulfilled in accordance with the determined period and conditions; and if not, the bank shall unconditionally take the action or pay the amount, which was supposed to be fulfilled or paid by the party that undertook the commitment.

  • Bid Bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Advance Payment Bond
  • Open Bonds

Reference Letters

Reference letters are requested from loan customers that are involved generally in construction and contracting so as to determine whether they possess sufficient loan and cash solvency for the job. The relevant departments at our branches can draw up the reference letter you need in Turkish lira or foreign currency.

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