Export Agency Finance

Export Agency Finance

Long-term and low-cost import financing loans that are issued in accordance with the framework agreements signed with our corresponding banks abroad and insured by various insurance institutions such as Hermes, Coface, Sace, Erg, and so on. These are Export Credit Agencies (ECA) that have been established to extend loans and promote export of investment goods of the countries where they are located. ECAs strive to boost exports from their own countries.
Therefore, they provide medium-term loans for the purchase of goods by importers in countries outside their own. These loans are suitable especially for investment goods since they are offered for the long term. Furthermore, they reduce interest rate costs and financing burden to a minimum.

  • EAF loans are attractive since they are long term with a relatively low interest rate in comparison to bank loans.
  • While EAF loans are issued for all kinds of investments goods, there is also a GSM country loan offered by American Exim only for goods such as grains, cotton, and corn.

Below is the list of country loans and the related Export Loan Institution:  

  • Country
  • Export Loan Institution
  • Germany HERMES
  • Switzerland ERG
  • Austria ÖKB
  • Belgium OND
  • Spain CESCE
  • Italy SACE
  • France COFACE
  • Japan MITI
  • Finland FINNVERA
  • Denmark EKF
  • The Netherlands NCM
  • South Korea KEXIMBANK
  • Australia EFIC
  • England ECGD
  • Sweden EKN
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