Insurance consulting that, in conjunction with local and global insurance partners, provides insurance solutions and secures banking and insurance risks in the same package, in accordance with the brokerage model in headquarters office.

The primary purpose is to identify the customer’s insurable risks and then offer the appropriate insurance solutions. The presentation is provided to the customer using a consultancy approach.

The general operating principle is to identify risks and offer insurance solutions to customers with affordable cost and payment conditions.  It also aims to make damage management accessible and sustainable.

Benefits of working with the Alternatif Bank Insurance Department

  • It offers an operational benefit by providing the customer alternative quotes via a single financial channel(Bank).
  • Through independent and free-of-charge risk analysis and consulting, it presents the customer potential claim scenarios as well as suggestions for risk mitigating measures.
  • Risk is covered through global insurance solutions offered in conjunction with international partners.
  • It provides damage management consulting to all bank customers, regardless of whether they hold an insurance policy.
  • It organises the infrastructure to provide the customer with data for new market and buyer references.
  • When a claim is made, the customer is contacted directly; this establishes coordination between the insurance company, appraiser, and the customer, as well as providing a one-stop solution.
  • Through processes such as pre-claims and ex gratia payments within the scenarios developed, it minimises the financial effects of a claim on the organisation’s financial structure and continuity.
  • It gives the customer cost-cutting alternatives in its areas of operation. 

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