Financial Risk Insurance

Financial Risk Insurance

Receivables Insurance

It protects your business against non-payment of your commercial debts. It ensures payment of your bills and enables the sound management of corporate and political risks arising from commercial activities. Receivables insurance covers the losses that may arise as a result of non-payment of a trade receivable, and it ultimately aims to protect your operations against large-scale losses and help them grow profitably.

Surety Bond

Called “Surety Bond” or “Bonding” in international terminology, this insurance product is equal to the letters of guarantee in the banking system. Surety Bond company (insurance company) guarantees payment of the contract amount to the payee/employer against the risk of failure by the debtor to fulfill its obligation arising from the contract and/or the law.

Business Interruption, Profit Loss, Unemployment, Bankruptcy, and so on Insurance

Profit Loss:

Scope of coverage: Fire-related Profit Loss Insurance is a business support policy created to minimize adversities that may arise from partial or complete interruption or delay of business operations due to a fire, and to cover the additional expenses to be made to prevent any losses.

Risks covered: The following risks are covered within the fire policy.

Work interruption:

In the event the fire risk came to pass; if business operations have stopped partially or completely, began to be delayed, this is considered a work interruption, and losses arising from this situation are covered by the insurance.


Unemployment insurance provides coverage for you and your family in the case of profit loss due to unemployment or temporary disability. This product gives you financial security to be able to pay for your needs and pay bills or debts when things do not go as they should.

Bankruptcy Protection Insurance:

You secure your bank loan against bankruptcy risk, and in the event a bankruptcy case is filed directly and/or with a bankruptcy petition, and it is finalized in either case, the insurance amount on the policy is paid up to the policy upper limit and within the policy special conditions.

Political Risk Insurance

It provides coverage against the risk of an investment made in a certain country not returning profits due to a change and significant shift in the country’s political order. Political Risk Insurance can be obtained both by investors and contractors and by lenders, and it covers new investments as well as existing ones.

Political Risk Insurance can be generally divided into two categories:

  • Investment/Asset Risks (Investment Insurance): Subheadings under this category can be summarized as expropriation risks, political violence (including war, civil war, and terrorism), money transfer blockage, license cancellation, and non-implementation of arbitration decisions.
  • Contract Risks (Breach of Contract Insurance): Subheadings under this category can be summarized as denial, embargo, license cancellation, war, civil war, insurrection, unjustified withdrawal of the letter of guarantee, and non-implementation of arbitration decisions.
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