Quote and Claims Processes

Quote and Claims Processes

Receive a quote and have a policy drawn up from your insurance company through Alternatif Bank Insurance Department or Bank branches.

Insurance Companies We Work With

Life Insurance

  • AvivaSA Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş.
  • BNP Paribas Cardif Emeklilik A.Ş.
  • AXA Hayat ve Emeklilik A.Ş.
  • Groupama Emeklilik A.Ş.

Hayat Dışı Branş

  • Anadolu Sigorta A.Ş.
  • Ray Sigorta A.Ş.
  • AXA Sigorta A.Ş.
  • HDI Sigorta A.Ş.
  • Mapfre/Genel Sigorta A.Ş.
  • S.S. Doğa Sigorta Kooperatifi

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Claims Process

Perform all claims, assistance services, claims notification and claims file status tracking by contacting the Insurance Department, which coordinates between the Insurance Company, Appraiser, and Customer by establishing direct customer contact in the event of a claim, or by calling the “Customer Helpline” of the insurance company which acts as our agent.

AXA Sigorta A.Ş.
Emergency Assistance and Claims Helpline
0850 250 99 99

Ray Sigorta A.Ş.
Customer Helpline
(0212) 444 4 729

Anadolu Sigorta A.Ş.
Anadolu Service Helpline:
0850 724 08 50

HDI Sigorta A.Ş.
Customer Helpline:
444 8 434

Mapfre/Genel Sigorta A.Ş.
Customer Helpline
+90(0212) 334 90 00

S.S. Doğa Sigorta Kooperatifi
Customer Helpline
+90(0212) 334 20 06

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