Investment and Deposit Products

Investment and Deposit Products

Investment and Deposit Products


Dual-Currency Deposit (DCD)

DCD is the deposit form of foreign currency option sales. This product yields a higher income than deposit in return for the risk of receiving the deposit in another foreign currency.

  • In DCD transactions, the customer sells the bank its right to buy or sell a certain foreign currency at a certain maturity by taking risks according to market projections, aiming to increase it deposit yield through premium earnings.
  • If the option realizes on maturity, there is a risk of losing from the deposited principal.
  • By taking a limited risk, investors have a chance to yield an income higher than market interest rates.



In forward transactions, the maturity, price, and amount of a commodity, which is due for delivery at a future date, are set and agreed upon from today. Forward can be described as a protection technique against foreign currency fluctuations. The parties of a forward contract are buyers and sellers. The parties agree on the contract date (value date), amount, price, and the date of exchanging money (maturity).

  • It helps controlling foreign currency risk.
  • It protects against adverse effects of foreign currency fluctuations since the exchange rate is set in advance for import, export, deferred payment and collection.
  • It eliminates currency volatility arising from the floating exchange rate system.


In options contracts, the party that obtains the option for a certain premium gets the right, but is not obliged to buy or sell a certain financial product at a certain maturity and price; however if requested by the buyer, then the seller of the option is required to sell or buy.

  • Investors that wish to earn a premium income are advised to sell options.
  • Investors that wish to be protected from risk and fix the future value of the asset are advised to buy options.
  • The income of a natural person is subject to withholding tax of 10 percent.


  • Customers are given a chance to perform transactions at competitive prices so as to turn global market fluctuations in currencies into earnings.
  • Place an “order” (order to buy or sell foreign currency) for USD/TL and FX/FX transactions of 500,000 and more.


The English word “swap” means to “barter or exchange” in Turkish. In its financial application, it describes the swapping of foreign currencies or securities, or their cash flows, in other words payment obligations, at the end of or during a certain period.

Foreign Exchange Swap (FX Swap)

A futures contract to exchange a currency with another one and to return the principal amount in the original currency at the end of a certain period. In Foreign Currency Swap, exchanged amounts at the beginning of a transaction are returned on the maturity date set in the contract, based on the exchange rate/parity also set by the contract. In other words, a foreign exchange swap is a combination of the spot foreign currency transaction performed on the contract date and the reverse forward transaction which was agreed up on the first transaction date.

Interest Rate Swap (IRS)

Transactions in which customers mutually swap interest rate flows that are calculated with pre-defined methods for a certain period, in order to be protected from interest rate risk arising from interest rate fluctuations or to yield income through interest rates changes. The principal amount is not swapped.

Cross-Currency Swap (XCCY Swap)

Cross-Currency Swap is a combination of the Interest Rate Swap and Foreign Exchange Swap. This transaction aims to protect customers against foreign currency risk arising from obligations/receivables in foreign currency as well as against interest rate risk. In other words, the customer swaps an obligation/receivable in a certain foreign currency with another foreign currency. Both the principal and the interest rate are swapped.

Current Account (TL/Foreign Currency)

Use your Current Account in Turkish lira or foreign currency to easily perform all banking transactions such as cash withdrawals, money transfers, EFTs, card payments, bills, and periodic payments.

Time Deposit Account (TL/Foreign Currency)

Open a Time Deposit Account in Turkish lira or foreign currency to earn interest for a certain period based on a set periodic interest rate and generate income from your savings without incurring any risk. Unless stated otherwise by you, your account is renewed at the end of maturity with the same maturity and applicable interest rates. If you like, you can transfer the earned interest into your current account to use your earnings as you wish.

Treasury Bills/Government Bonds

Alternatif Bank sells its customers treasury bills and government bonds in the amounts they desire. By purchasing treasury bills, you can derive high profit with the securities for which the state promises payment on maturity.


Alternatif Bank Menkul of Alternatif Bank offers brokerage services in stock trading. You can trade in stocks on week days during Borsa Istanbul sessions.

Mutual Funds

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