Use AlterFX to track changes in the market instantaneously, and get the best of your foreign exchange transactions through fast and advantageous pricing.

Foreign exchange transactions are now very easy with Alternatif Bank’s new platform, AlterFX!

It is a trading platform made available via Internet Banking and allowing legal-entity customers to execute their foreign exchange transactions in a fast, easy and secure manner on the same day or the following day with the advantage of attractive exchange rates.

Features of AlterFX

  • Easy activation via Corporate Internet Banking.
  • Dynamic screens allowing you to perform Purchase & Sale transactions and to track the market instantaneously. 
  • The advantage of benefiting from the most attractive exchange rates on the same or the following day. 
  • It is integrated with current accounts, and the transactions executed through AlterFX are instantly reflected into the accounts.
  • Maximum contribution to profitability while eliminating operational risks with AlterFX allowing you to take fast actions in changing markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get AlterFX platform?

Our Bank’s Corporate Internet Banking customers may activate AlterFX platform for free over their internet banking accounts. 

Which transactions are offered and available on AlterFX platform?

On AlterFX platform; you can perform all foreign exchange purchase/sale transactions and instantaneously track the foreign exchange market in an easy and secure manner.

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