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Step into a world of privileges with Diners Club Card!

  • Special Miles Programme
  • Exclusive Lounge Experience

What Is Diners Club Card?

Diners Club Card is now back in Türkiye with Alternatif Bank!

Enjoy privileges around the world with the Diners Club Card. Diners Club Card, which is valid in more than 50 million workplaces in 200+ countries and territories; offers you unique privileges. Moreover, all POS devices in Türkiye through Troy Payment System can be used.

For more information about Diners Club Card advantages, please visit

Frequently Asked Questions About Diners Club Card

You may find all details about Diners Club Card here.

What are the features of Diners Club Card?

With Diners Club Card, the top choice by our sophisticated and travel enthusiast customers, you can enjoy lounge services at more than 1300 Airports Lounge the world, fly with Club Miles Programme privileges and earn discounts at elite restaurants.

What is Club Miles Programme?

Club Miles is a loyalty programme which enables you to earn miles from your purchases with Diners Club Card and buy free tickets with your miles.

What kind of purchases will allow me to earn miles with Diners Club Card?

With Diners Club Platinum Card, you earn 1 mile for each TRY 1 purchase, and with Diners Club Black Card, you earn 2 miles for your each TRY 1 purchase.

How many miles can I earn most with Diners Club Card?

As of April 3, 2020; it can be earned maximum of 50,000 Miles with Diners Club Black in one statement period, maximum 30.000 Miles with diners Club Platinum Card in one statement period.

What should I do to apply for Diners Club Card?

You can apply for Diners Club Card via Alternatif Bank Branches

How much is the membership fee for Diners Club Card?

The annual membership fee is TRY 600 for Diners Club Platinum Card and TRY 800 for Diners Club Black Card.

What should I do if my card is lost/stolen?

Please call our Call Centre at +90 444 00 55 immediately to report loss/stolen cards as soon as you realise that your Diners Club Card is lost or stolen.

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