Gold Current Account

If you want to benefit from the increase in the value of gold, Gold Current Deposit Account awaits you!

  • Easy Application without Going to the Branch
  • Secure Savings Opportunity
  • Non-interest Earnings

What is Gold Current Account?

Gold Current Account is a current account designed for customers who wish to build up savings in gram gold and do not prefer interest.

Gold Current Deposit Account Features

No interest accrues on Gold Current Deposit Account.

Physical gold is not accepted into Gold Current Deposit Account. Gold (gram) is deposited into your account in exchange for the amount that you choose.

As gold is not traded physically, you do not have to deal with any theft, loss or weight difference issues.

Without the necessity to buy or sell physical gold, you are free commissions and fees.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gold Current Deposit Account

You may find all details about Gold Current Deposit Account here.

Will I pay an account maintenance fee for Gold Current Deposit Account?

Retail customers are not charged with an account maintenance fee for their Foreign Currency Current Deposit Account. 

How many grams of gold can I buy for Gold Current Deposit Account?

Your daily maximum buy-sell limit in Gold Current Deposit Account is equivant of TRY 200,000.

Where can I track my account activities?

You can track all your account activities at Alternatif Bank Internet Branch, Alternatif Bank Mobile and Alternatif Bank ATMs. Click to log in to Alternatif Bank Internet Branch.

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