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About Commercial Bank

Offering innovative banking services to a wide portfolio of customers in retail, public and corporate segments, The Commercial Bank is considered among the leading financial institutions of the fast- growing and developing Qatari economy. 

The Commercial Bank

Established as the first private bank of Qatar in 1975, The Commercial Bank is one of the leading financial institutions of Qatar’s economy with its modern banking technologies and pioneering services. Having a high brand recognition in the Middle Eastern Region, The Commercial Bank has followed an expansion strategy acquiring 34,89% shareholding in the National Bank of Oman (S.A.O.G.) in Oman and 40% shareholding in the United Arab Bank (P.J.S.C.) and has been successfully continuing this strategy through its investments in Türkiye.

The Alliance of The Commercial Bank & Alternatif Bank

Having become a 100% shareholder of Alternatif Bank as of the end of 2016 following the partnership that started in 2013, The Commercial Bank delivers outstanding high-level services in retail, corporate and investment banking segments in all of the countries that it operates in, particularly in Türkiye and Qatar through this strategic alliance.

The Commercial Bank has total assets of QAR 169.1 billion, customer deposits of QAR 83.2 billion and has achieved net profit of QAR 2.811 billion as at 31 December 2022. 

Considering Türkiye as a crucial investment centre in the medium and long term, The Commercial Bank aims to support Turkish exporters helping them break into new markets and to deliver a flawless banking experience to its customers by offering favourable and comprehensive solutions that excel standard banking services.

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