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Trade Finance

Tailored solutions for your trade finance needs are provided by Alternatif Bank!

From Eximbank Loans to ECA Facilities and from Letters of Credit to Cash in Advance, meet all your Trade Finance needs with Alternatif Bank!

Export Credit Agency Facilities

Cost-effective, medium to long term Export Credit Agency Facilities are at Alternatif Bank!

Export Loans

From order to sales maturity, your credit for export financing is ready at Alternatif Bank!

Eximbank Loans

Apply now for Eximbank’s cost-effective loans with Alternatif Bank's swiftness!

Pre- Export Financing Loans

Cater the loans you need from international markets through the medium of Alternatif Bank!

External Guarantee/Counter-Guarantee

If you need a bank to provide guarantee, Alternatif Bank is here to assist you!

Letter of Credit

Experience the ease of Alternatif Bank for Letter of Credit transactions.

Cash in Advance

Pay Cash in Advance with the swiftness of Alternatif Bank!

Open Account (Cash Against Goods)

Alternatif Bank is ready for your Open Account payments!

Cash Against Documents

Alternatif Bank is at your service for your import and export collections!

Acceptance&Aval Credits

Acceptance&Aval Credits, mitigates non-payment risk of the exporter and allows importer to clear the goods before payment due date.

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) Rediscount Credits

Cost-effective financing solution for your exports and foreign exchange earning activities.

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