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EFT/Money Transfer Transactions

Money transfer is both fast and secure with Alternatif Bank!

Fast money transfer is at Alternatif Bank!

EFT and Remittance are electronic money transfer transactions that enable you to send funds within specific limits, days and hours. You can find the EFT and Remittance solutions you need below.

Automatic EFT/Remittance Program

In your transactions gain speed with Automatic EFT and Money Transfer Program!


Make SWIFT transfers under the guarantee of Alternatif Bank!

What You Need to Know

What is the difference between EFT and Remittance?

EFT is between the accounts at different banks, while Remittance is the money transfer between Alternatif Bank accounts. EFT is in TRY currency only, whereas Remittance is in both TRY and other foreign currency.

How much are EFT and Remittance fees?

To learn EFT and Money Transfer transaction fees click.

What is the hour limit for EFT or Remittance?

You can make EFT until 17:15 on week days, and Remittance 24 hours and 7 days of the week.

Our Other Cash Management Solutions

You can find below the Cash Management solution you need.

Collection Solutions

Your collections are safe with Alternatif Bank!

Payment Solutions

Secure Payment Solutions are at Alternatif Bank!

POS and Merchant Services

If you are ready to accept credit cards in your business, Alternatif Bank is here to assist you!

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