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You are always safe with Alternatif Bank’s Insurance policies.

The Insurance You Need is at Alternatif Bank!

Thanks to our local and global business partners, you can access all insurance solutions you need via Alternatif Bank. Alternatif Bank identifies your risks and offers you the best solutions with its “Advisory Banking” approach.

Alternatif Bank Insurance Features

  • Provides comparative offers through a single financial intermediary.
  • Offers independent and cost-free risk analysis consultancy. Anyone who would like to take out an insurance policy can see all kinds of damage scenarios thanks to this consultancy.
  • All risks can be covered in collaboration with our local and global business partners.
  • Alternatif Bank provides damage management consultancy even when there is not any issued insurance policy.
  • Alternatif Bank is responsible for the coordination among the insurance companies, appraisers and customers.

You can find all of our Insurance solutions you need through the links below.

Fire Insurance

Your Fire Insurance is ready for any setbacks coming in your way!

Comprehensive Fleet Insurance

Secure the vehicles in your fleet with Comprehensive Fleet Insurance!

Engineering Insurances

Protect your equipments and vehicles with Engineering Insurances!

Freight Insurances

Do not worry about your cargo with Freight Insurances!

Liability Insurances

Your liabilities are secure with Alternatif Bank!

Other Elementary Insurance

Click for the Other Elementary Insurance plans you need!

Financial Risk Insurances

Guarantee your business with Financial Risk Insurances!

Compulsory Insurances

Alternatif Bank is here to assist you with your compulsory insurance needs!

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