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Freight Insurances

Alternatif Bank’s Freight Insurance policies keep your freight secure!

Alternatif Bank’s Freight Insurance policies keep your freight secure!

Freight Insurances include insurance products which cover your transported goods and your means of transportation such as planes, vessels, and trucks.

Goods Insurance

The goods transported via vessels, planes, trucks or by train are under insurance as per the provisions and clauses of this insurance policy any accidents or subsequent physical hazards. With Goods Insurance product, which is another cargo transportation insurance, gold, precious metals and gemstones, jewellery, cash money and other precious goods during transportation via the transport vehicle are secured against any accident-related damages or armed robbery and theft risks.

Floater Insurance

This policy provides insurance for all the shipments that are within the coverage limits, conditions, prices and term agreed by the insured and the insurer without considering the time of shipment declaration. Floater Insurance is generally valid for one year.

FFL (Freight Forwarder Liability)

FFL (Freighter Forwarder Liability) policies are designed to provide international carries with professional distribution of their ever-growing risks and protection against freight hazards to cargo under their legal liability.

This policy covers the legal liabilities of the freight forwarder/broker in its activities as the facilitator for the shipment organization under special terms and limits laid down in the insurance policy for their legal liabilities against the cargo owner in the event of losses and hazards related to or resulting from transported cargo as a result of brokerage services by the insured pursuant to applicable laws and regulations.


C.M.R. Insurance covers the liabilities of international carriers against any hazards to the transported goods as per CMR Convention provisions.

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Marine Hull Insurance

Marine Hull Insurance,is a type of insurance which covers ship hulls, machinery and equipments against diverse risks under way, at port, at anchor or during repair or maintenance.

Boat/Yacht Insurance

Yacht Insurance provides coverage for not only the yacht, but also for its valuable equipments, electronic and mechanical hardware against any unpredictable, abrupt, coincidental and external risks.

Application Channels

Other Insurance Products

Fire Insurance

Your Fire Insurance is ready for any setbacks coming in your way!

Comprehensive Fleet Insurance

Secure the vehicles in your fleet with Comprehensive Fleet Insurance!

Engineering Insurances

Protect your equipments and vehicles with Engineering Insurances!

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