Accessible Banking

We are rendering our banking services accessible by everyone, adopting an ‘equal and rights-based’ approach and constituting an example by contributing to the society with our prospective projects.

Alternatif Bank Accessible Banking

As Alternatif Bank, we are evolving our Bank step by step towards a new culture. We are now embracing ‘Accessible Banking’ alongside our ‘Insightful and Advisory Banking’ approach. In doing so, we bring our ‘People-Oriented’ approach, the core foundation of our brand positioning, into focus. What we mean by Accessible Banking is that everyone can easily access all of our services. Whether they are disabled or not, we know that it is every citizen’s right to be outside, use public transportation, see to their own needs and be actively engaged in life. Enjoying banking services is one of these rights as well. To this end, we are improving our Bank’s business culture by adopting a rights-based banking philosophy.

Our Objectives

  • Rendering our banking services accessible by everyone, adopting an ‘equal and rights-based’ approach.
  • Setting an example by contributing to the society with our prospective projects.

To this end,

  • We are developing our projects under the guidance of expert academics and non-governmental organisation representatives,
  • We are constantly planning improvements to our service channels,
  • We are raising the awareness and knowledge of our competent human resources,
  • We are working to develop products that address the needs of people with disabilities.

What We Do

We provide Bank employees with language and perspective unity trainings on the definitions of impairment and disability, recognising disability groups and best communication methods. We also added specific modules to our orientation program in order to ensure the continuity of this corporate awareness.

Our new ATMs, which we have recently put into service in addition to our current ATMs, are being made compatible for our both visually impaired and orthopedically handicapped customers. 

With our audio guide equipped ATMs to ensure convenience, our visually impaired customers can now perform financial transactions through this channel. Also, we have also placed Braille labels on the surfaces of our ATMs.

We launched an online support application whereby our hearing impaired customers can receive help to enjoy our Customer Communication Centre services. Moreover, our banking service agreements have been uploaded to our website in audio format. 

Thanks to these developments, we started implementing additional arrangements based on the guidelines we have prepared in consideration of our Advisory Committee’s recommendations for the evaluation of accessibility standards at our branches. 

While making our Internet and Mobile Banking applications compatible with accessibility standards, we continue our efforts to improve these channels in collaboration with a consulting firm.

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