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Boost your earnings with Alternatif Bank’s diverse deposit options!

  • Advantageous Interest Rates
  • Easy and Quick Application
  • High Returns
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Time Deposit

Those who prefer Alternatif Bank’s time deposit accounts designed for diverse needs start increasing their earnings right away!

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VOV Account

Earn a lot with 44% advantageous interest rate in VOV Account


Do not miss E-Deposit’s exclusive interest rates!

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TRY Time Deposit Account

Come to Alternatif Bank to make good use of your savings by selecting one of our attractive interest rates!

Yuvam Account

Your money that you transfer from abroad to Türkiye maintains its value in TL with the Turkish Central Bank’s assurance.

Demand Deposit

Come and benefit from our banking services, making your life easier with Alternatif Bank’s demand deposit accounts!

TRY Current Account

Enjoy banking services to make your life easier with TRY Current Account!

Foreign Currency Current Deposit Account

Come and open a Foreign Currency Current Account and all your FX transactions easily!

Gold Current Account

If you want to benefit from the increase in the value of gold, Gold Current Account awaits you!

Download Alternatif Bank Mobile Now

Using Alternatif Bank Mobile application, you can make all your banking transactions quickly, easily and securely any time and anywhere.

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Deposit Calculator

See interest rates with the deposit calculation tool and apply for deposits instantly!

Alternatif Bank Mobile App
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You can download the Alternatif Bank Mobile application right away by scanning the QR code.

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