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TRY Time Deposit Account

Earn high income on your savings without being affected from interest rate fluctuations!

  • Fixed Income Unaffected from Interest Fluctuations
  • Easy Application without Going to the Branch
  • Advantageous Interest Rates
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Earn fixed income with attractive interest rates without taking any risks!

TRY Time Deposit Account is a deposit account with which you can earn risk-free on your savings. Open a TRY Time Deposit Account now to benefit from advantageous interest rates!

TRY Time Deposit Account Features

Thanks to its fixed income, your account will not be affected by interest rate fluctuations in the market until the maturity date.

TRY Time Deposit Account can be opened for 1-3-6 months or 1 year.

You may choose to extend your Time Deposit accounts automatically at your maturity date for the same term option at term-specific current interest rates.

TRY Time Deposit Account Withholding Tax Information

Withholding tax applies at a rate of 5% for current and notice deposit accounts, and for time deposit accounts of up to and including 6 months.

Withholding tax applies at a rate of 3% for current and notice deposit accounts, and for time deposit accounts of up to and including 1 year.

Withholding tax rate decreases to 0% for time deposit accounts of more than 1 year.

The interest rates for TRY Time Deposit Account are gross.

No interest will accrue on the accounts that are closed before the maturity date.

As per the new regulation issued on 7 December 2023, savings accounts up to TRY 650,000 shall be under the guarantee of the state. Click for detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions About TRY Time Deposit Account

You may find all details about TRY Time Deposit Account here.

How can I open a TRY Time Deposit Account?

For your TRY Time Deposit Account application, you can log in to Alternatif Bank Internet Branch or visit an Alternatif Bank Branch. Click to log in to  Alternatif Bank Internet Branch. Click to find your nearest Alternatif Bank Branch.

What are the interest rates for TRY Time Deposit Account?

You can see our interest rates up to 12 months in the table below. For our longer term interest rates, click here .

How can I track my TRY Time Deposit Account activities?

You can easily track all of your account activities at Alternatif Bank Internet Branch. Click here to log in to Alternatif Bank Internet Branch.

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