Compulsory Insurances

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What are Compulsory Insurances?

Compulsory Insurances are insurance policies which are legally required both for protecting the policy owner and third parties against risks and for ensuring public security.

Compulsory Insurances include:

  • Traffic Insurance
  • Seat Personal Accident Insurance
  • DASK
  • Green Card
  • Compulsory LPG Liability Insurance
  • Compulsory Miners Personal Accident Insurance
  • Compulsory Hazardous Substances and Hazardous Waste Liability Insurance
  • Compulsory Coastal Facilities Sea Pollution Liability Insurance
  • Compulsory Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance
  • Compulsory Land Passenger Transportation Seat Personal Accident Insurance
  • Compulsory Private Security Liability Insurance
  • Compulsory Vessel Liability Insurance
  • Compulsory Liability Insurance
  • Compulsory Package Tour Insurance

Also known as “Surety Bond”, Bonding insurance product is equivalent to the letter of guarantee products in the banking system. The insurance company which offers Bonding commits to pay the contract amount to the creditors/employers against the risks on the part of the debtors to fail to fulfill their contractual and/or legal liabilities.

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