Financial Risk Insurances

Your material losses are safe with Financial Risk Insurances!

Your material losses are safe with Financial Risk Insurances!

Financial Risk Insurances ara professional liability insurances covering your potential material losses.

Financial Risk Insurances provide assurance about Professional Liability Insurances.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance

This policy covers the compensation amounts which the executives of are legally liable to pay in return for losses which may arise as a result of actual or alleged faults by the board members and executives of the insured business and subsidiaries under market conditions. Moreoever, the policy also provides many additional coverages including defence expenses, litigation expenses and prosecution expenses of the executives.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance is an insurance policy which covers the potential losses of your business from cyber attacks.

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance protects your business against accounts receivable default risks. This insurance guarantees your receivables, and enables you to manage your corporate and political risks in a secure way. The main purposes of Trade Credit Insurance, which covers potential losses due to default on trade accounts receivable, are to protect your operations from large-scale losses and help them grow in a profitable way.


Also known as “Surety Bond”, Bonding insurance product is equivalent to the letter of guarantee products in the banking system. The insurance company which offers Bonding commits to pay the contract amount to the creditors/employers against the risks on the part of the debtors to fail to fulfill their contractual and/or legal liabilities.

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Other Insurance Products

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Fire Insurance

Your Fire Insurance is ready for any setbacks coming in your way!

Comprehensive Fleet Insurance

Secure the vehicles in your fleet with Comprehensive Fleet Insurance!

Engineering Insurances

Protect your equipments and vehicles with Engineering Insurances!

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