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Payment Solutions

Make your payments safely with Alternatif Bank!

Your payments are safe with our Payment Solutions!

Payment Solutions is a Cash Management product enabling you to make your payments easily, fast and securely. 

Salary Payments

Take advantage of our Salary Payments service and save time!

Tax Payments

MTV payments with Credit Card, Internet Branch is ready.

Regular Payments

Leave your payments to us, focus on your business!

Continuous Chequebook Printing Program

Eliminate the risk of carrying cash!

Corporate Payments

Leave your bill payments to Alternatif Bank and save time!

Bulk Payment Service

Make your payments easily with Bulk Payment System.

Our Other Cash Management Solutions

You can find the Cash Management solution you need below.

Collection Solutions

Your collections are safe with Alternatif Bank!

EFT/Remittance Solutions

Handle your transactions far more easily with EFT/Remittance Solutions!

POS and Merchant Services

If you are ready to accept credit cards in your business, Alternatif Bank is here to assist you!

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