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External Guarantee/Counter-Guarantee

Alternatif Bank offers you full guarantee!

What is External Guarantee/Counter-Guarantee?

External Guarantee and Counter-Guarantee enables the Turkish companies to do business overseas and foreign companies to do business in Türkiye. External guarantee is directly advised to beneficiary whereas Counter-Guarantee requires a local guarantee to be issued in beneficiary country.

Guarantee and Counter-Guarantee Types

  • Bid Bond, Tender Bond/Guarantee
  • Performace Bond/Guarantee
  • Advance Payment Guarantee
  • Other Guarantees

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for External Guarantee/Counter-Guarantee?

Businesses and legal entities can benefit from External Guarantee/Counter-Guarantee.

When will my application be finalised?

Alternatif Bank conveys the decision after the assessment and analysis process. 

What is the difference between External Guarantee and Counter-Guarantee?

When the local guarantee letter of a foreign bank is requested with Counter-guarantee, whereas in External Guarantee, the letter of guarantee is provided by Alternatif Bank. 

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