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Alternatif Bank Development Center

We focus on continuous development and high performance to prepare our employees for the future.

Alternatif Bank Development Center

With its vision of “being an innovative and solution-oriented development center to support the development of our employees”, Alternatif Bank Development Center goes beyond traditional training approaches and offers innovative development solutions in parallel with the global trends.

In addition to technical training, we support the continuous development of our employees through new generation capabilities. We value intra-organizational knowledge sharing, and for this purpose we employ in-house trainers along with professional training consultants. In this context, our “training of trainers” certification program is designed to provide our co-workers with the opportunity to gain new skills.

Our training courses are conducted in the form of in-class training as well as distance learning through our learning management system DinamiK@mpüs.

The training and development activities performed within Alternatif Bank Development Center include:

Orientation Program:

Through our orientation program, newly hired employees of our Bank receive technical training relevant to their roles and have the chance to get closely acquainted with our corporate culture.

Banking Courses:

Our banking courses are designed to increase our employees’ technical knowledge to support their development in their respective areas of expertise. For new technical capabilities, various certification programs and other specific programs are organized in collaboration with the universities.

Personal Development Courses:

We design specific training courses aimed at developing new generation capabilities such as mindfulness, personal brand management, networking etc.

Leadership and Talent Program:

Within the scope of Alternatif Bank Development Center’s activities, we also organize longer-term training courses specific to the “Management Trainee (MT)” and “Talent Management” programs. We support the development of our employees through in-class training, provided by consultants, academics and in-house trainers, as well as distance learning tools.

Internal Coaching and Mentoring Center:

Our employees are offered the opportunity to receive coaching from our leaders or mentorship from our experienced colleagues in order to contribute to their performance by supporting their individual awareness.

Development Catalogue:

Each year, a Development Catalogue is designed, consisting of many different training topics in the fields of technical, personal development and leadership, specific to departments and duties. The Development Catalogue is enriched with various training methods such as workshops, simulation and case studies in classroom and virtual classroom environments. 


It is the support for "Master's Degree" that allows our employees to develop continuously and to specialize in their fields of interest by closely following the sector. Master/MBA Programs are provided for director and below titles, and Executive MBA Programs are provided for Manager and higher titles.

Young Talents Program:

With this program prepared for university students who have started their internship at our bank; It is aimed to introduce our interns to the banking sector and to prepare them for corporate life. In addition to technical training, personal development trainings are also included in the program.

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