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Our Human Resources Strategy

We follow a strategic human resources management approach in coordination with our Bank’s overall objectives and we conduct our activities through close contact with our employees and in line with our continuous development principles.

Human Resources Policy

As Alternatif Bank Human Resources Group, we have determined a road map in line with our objectives and strategies to be a strong business partner for all business units. Transparency and accessibility as well as our people-oriented approach are our key principles. We continue our work to create a business culture defined by shared wisdom that is based on the needs of our business units and the opinions and suggestions of our employees.

In This Context

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    Our recruitment teams evaluate candidates who are eligible for the relevant positions and open to change and development, and who can adapt to our corporate culture.

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    We set measurable targets that are in line with our Bank’s strategies for the future, and we implement a performance management system that is based on periodic target revision and continuous feedback.

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    Through training activities, we develop new skills and enhance our areas of expertise, and with our talent management and career planning practices, we aim to become an organization that is able to grow by itself.

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Vision and Mission

As Alternatif Bank, we create a difference with our innovative and focused banking approach.

About Commercial Bank

Offering innovative banking services to a wide range of customers in retail, public and corporate segments, The Commercial Bank is considered among the leading financial institutions of the fast-growing and developing Qatari economy.

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