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Current Account

Enjoy banking services to make your business easier with Current Account!

You can make your banking transactions any time with Current Account!

Current Account enables you to keep your business savings secure and withdraw cash any time you need.

Your Current Account enables you to deposit your money both in TRY and foreign currencies, and make all banking transactions including cash withdrawal, remittance, EFT, card payments, bills and regular payments.

Current Account Features

  • With a Current Account, you can easily make basic banking transactions such as cash withdrawal, cash deposit, balance inquiry, remittance, EFT.
  • AlternatifKart can be used for shopping without carrying cash.
  • Bills and credit card debts can be paid by placing a standing order.
  • It can be used for rent, fee and school payments.
  • Current Account can be accessed at all Alternatif Bank ATMs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I pay any fees for the Current Account?

Account maintenance fee applies only to legal entity customers.

How can I track my account activities?

Account activities can be traced at Alternatif Bank Internet Branch, Alternatif Bank Mobile and Alternatif Bank ATMs.

What transactions can I make with AlternatifKart?

Cash withdrawal, cash deposit, account summary, balance inquiry, remittance and EFT transactions can be made with AlternatifKart.

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