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DASK Insurance

Take out your DASK Insurance policy now to take measures against any potential earthquake damages in advance!

Your house is safe against earthquakes with DASK Insurance!

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (DASK) is a type of insurance which assures protection against direct or indirect damages in buildings and their foundations that may result from a potential earthquake. You can easily take out your Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, which is covered by Natural Disaster Insurance Authority (DASK), at Alternatif Bank Branches.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dask Insurance

You may find all details about DASK Insurance here.

What kind of information is required for DASK Insurance?

Below you may find information required for starting your DASK Insurance:? ?

Policy holder’s:?

Name and Surname



TR Identification Number

Tax Identification Number (for legal entities) ?

The building to be insured:?

Open Address

Title Deed Information

Year built

Total Number of Floors

Construction Style

Damage Status?

The apartment to be insured:

Gross area (m2)

Purpose of use?

What happens if I do not have a DASK Insurance?

DASK Insurance is compulsory in land registry offices and in many other procedures as of 29.11.2000.

What is the maximum limit for DASK Insurance?

DASK establishes a maximum coverage limit each year in line with the increase in construction expenses. As of 1 January 2013, the maximum coverage limit established for all building types is TRY 150,000.

What is DASK address code?

DASK address code is a special 10-digit number used for all housing units across the country. This code aims to speed up policy procedures and facilitate tracking.

What is the validity period for DASK Insurance?

DASK Insurance is valid for 1 year and compulsory. Your policy is delivered to you instantly at the Alternatif Bank Branch where you make your application, and your risks are secured.

What kind of buildings fall within the scope of DASK Insurance?

As per Article 2 of the Decree No. 587 on Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, buildings in this scope are: ?

  • Residential buildings with registered title deed on privately owned properties
  • Independent units as per Property Law No. 634
  • Independent units in these buildings which are used as office, bureau, etc.
  • Housing units developed by the government or those constructed with government loans after natural disasters.?

Other Compulsory Insurance

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