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Personal Accident Insurance

Take out your Personal Accident Insurance from Alternatif Bank, and protect yourself and your loved ones from unexpected accidents!

You are safe with Personal Accident Insurance!

Personal Accident Insurance is a type of insurance which assures protection for you and your loved ones against accidental death or disability, as well as covering treatment expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Accident Insurance

Here you may find frequently asked questions about Personal Accident Insurance:

Who can benefit from Personal Accident Insurance?

Anyone between 18-64 years of age can benefit from Personal Accident Insurance.

What are the advantages of Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal Accident Insurance is a product that enables you to guarantee yourself and your loved ones. From the moment you take out a Personal Accident Insurance, any treatment expenses arising from unexpected accidents are covered, and you and your lawful heirs are under protection within coverage limits in the event of disability and death.

What is the validity period for Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal Accident Insurance is valid for 1 year as of your policy start date.

What should I do to apply for Personal Accident Insurance?

You can make your Personal Accident Insurance application via Alternatif Bank Branches. Or  You can sent an email to for detailed information

You can visit your nearest Alternatif Bank Branches

How can one benefit from the policy in the event of injury or permanent disability?

If you get injured in an accident, your treatment expenses and other medical costs are covered within the coverage limit stated in your policy. In the event of permanent disability due to an accident, your payment will be disbursed within your coverage limit and according to your degree of disability.

Who can benefit from the policy in the event of accidental death?

In the event of accidental death within the insurance period, the death benefit stated in the policy will be disbursed as per Personal Accident Insurance General Conditions to the beneficiary stated in the policy, or if not already stated, to lawful heirs.

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