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Private Pension Plans/System

Join Private Pension System/Plans now and enjoy 25% government state subsidy!

Join Alternatif Bank’s Private Pension Plans now to enjoy a happy and comfortable retirement life!

Private Pension System complements the current state social security system as a savings system established under the supervision of the government, and aims to enable individuals to maintain the welfare level of their active working life in their retirement life as well. The primary objective of this system is to enable individuals to make savings on a regular basis throughout their work life and earn on these savings via various investment instruments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Pension System/Plans

Here you may find frequently asked questions about Private Pension System/Plans.

Who can benefit from Private Pension System/Plans?

All customers residing in Türkiye over 18 years of age and with regular income are eligible for Private Pension System/Plans.

What are the advantages of Private Pension System/Plans?

  • You benefit from 25% state subsidy?
    You benefit from the subsidy extended by the government to all private pension participants. State subsidy is 25% of your contribution.
  • You save on a regular basis?
    By paying your contribution regularly, you have the opportunity to make savings in a disciplined way.
  • You choose your payment frequency?
    You can choose to pay your contribution every month, 3 months, 6 months or once a year.
  • You can change your plan and fund distribution?
    You can change your pension plan four times a year and choose a different fund distribution six times a year.

How can I apply for Private Pension System/Plans?

You can visit your nearest Alternatif Bank Branch to benefit from Private Pension System/Plans.

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