Overdraft Account

With Overdraft Account, you can withdraw cash any time you want! Even when you are out of cash!

  • Cash Withdrawal 24/7
  • Favourable Interest Rates
  • Automatic Pay-off

What Is An Overdraft Account?

Visit your nearest Alternatif Bank Branch and become a part of the advantageous world of Overdraft Account!

Overdraft Account is a credit limit assigned to your current account. Using this limit, you can withdraw cash from all Alternatif Bank ATMs even if there are no sufficient funds in your account. To enjoy Overdraft Account’s advantages, you can make an application at Alternatif Bank Branches.

Overdraft Account Features

Tax and Funds 15% RUSF(Resource Utilization Support Fund) and 5% BITT(Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax) charges apply.

Insurance  Life Insurance is required for loan coverage. Life Insurance may vary depending on age, gender and amount of loan.

Currency  The loan can be borrowed in Turkish Lira only.

Required Documentation Below you may find the documents required for application:

Identity Card Income Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions About Overdraft Account

You may find all details about Overdraft Account here.

How can I apply for an Overdraft Account?

You can get detailed information about Overdraft Account and fill out an application form by visiting your nearest Alternatif Bank Branch.

Which documents do I need for my application?

You will be asked to present an identity card and income certificate for your application.

What is the minimum payment amount for Overdraft Account?

You need to pay 10% of your total credit debt in Overdraft Account.

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