Recruitment Process

We prepare our Bank for the future with our “Equal Opportunity” approach.

Recruitment Process

We analyse the needs of our business units as a strategic business partner and aim to bring the best candidates to our Bank.

We implement diversified recruitment processes for experienced and inexperienced candidates who wish to join the Alternatif Bank Family.

  • For the positions available for experienced candidates, we include our assestment process
    university graduate candidates who have necessary knowledge and experience, focused on high performance, adaptable to our corporate culture and open for team work. If they are found appropriate for the necessities of the job, they are wellcome to our family.
  • We put candidates without professional experience through a General Ability Test prior to the interviews.

Young Alternatif Banker Programs:

We offer students an application opportunity under 3 different internship processes.

  • High School Internship: Candidates who are able to dedicate 3 days a week to the internship program while pursuing their education are assessed. The candidates can apply by sending their resumes to
  • Summer Compulsory Internship:  Students who must fulfil the internship requirement of their educational institution and department can make an application from March to May by sending their resumes to
  • Long-Term Internship: We provide 3-6-month internship opportunities to 3. and 4. year university students and postgraduates. This way, we provide the students who wish to do internship at Alternatif Bank an opportunity to get to know and experience our Bank more closely.

Would you like to join our family? click here to apply for a job.

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Vision and Mission

As Alternatif Bank, we create a difference with our innovative and focused banking approach.

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