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Life at Alternatif Bank

We work, develop and have fun together as a family.

Life at Alternatif Bank

The primary goal of our Human Resources practices is the happiness of our employees. We are aware that the sharp segregation of work life and private life is now changing in the modern business world. In this context, we always endeavor to support our employees in their struggle to maintain a work-life balance and we strive to make them feel that they are important members of our family.

On one hand, we ensure their professional development through career planning and training, and on the other hand we celebrate their special days through our Internal Communication and Corporate Culture projects, offering them a work environment where they can take a break from the daily routine and socialize with other co-workers.

What Can You Expect in Your Life at Alternatif Bank?

Our New Generation Working Model “AlterFlex”: At Alternatif Bank, we have introduced a new flexible working model called “AlterFlex”. This model reflects our approach to employee experience in parallel to the realities of the new world of work and employment. AlterFlex is our new generation working model incorporating both flexible working and teleworking. Within this framework, our Head Office employees can work remotely on Mondays and Fridays throughout the year. As for our flexible working hours practice, our Head Office employees can determine the start and end times of their work day, provided that they are in the office between 10.00 and 16.00 (core working hours) and that they complete a 9-hour work day, including 1-hour lunch. Flexible working hours apply to teleworking days as well. The Head Office teams that may not telework due to the nature of their roles and all our branch personnel are granted two extra days of administrative leave in a year within the framework of AlterFlex.

Birthdays: We grant one-day leave to our employees on their birthdays for them to be able to celebrate this happy occasion with their families and loved ones. Also, in the Alternatif Bank family, we share this happiness by giving personalized gifts that can be designed by the employees themselves.

Marriage: On this very special and important occasion, we offer our employees the opportunity to have a pleasant dinner with their beloved spouses.

Alternatif Bank Babies: The happiness of having Alternatif Bank babies as our new family members is shared by all our co-workers and we celebrate this very special occasion with gifts.

Special Days: Gifts for our employees on special days are chosen on the basis of social responsibility so that we also support our social development.

AlternaFİT: In our fitness center within our Head Office building, we have the opportunity to work out with the help of professional sports trainers and to energize oneself with Kickbox, Yoga, Zumba and Pilates sessions during lunch breaks..

Art Workshops: We organize workshops every month on a different field of art, allowing our employees to take a brief break from their daily workload and have the chance to get to know different types of art.

Employee Assistance Program: Our Employee Assistance Program is a packaged service that is designed to provide 24/7 assistance to our most valuable assets, our employees, in times of difficulty. If needed, our employees can get assistance, on the phone or face-to-face, from relevant experts whenever they or their family members experience a stressful situation in their personal lives that they can not resolve on their own (health, newborn care, finance, legal, technology etc.).

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Vision and Mission

As Alternatif Bank, we create a difference with our innovative and focused banking approach.

About Commercial Bank

Offering innovative banking services to a wide range of customers in retail, public and corporate segments, The Commercial Bank is considered among the leading financial institutions of the fast-growing and developing Qatari economy.

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