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Alternatif Bank Announces Ozan Kırmızı as its New CEO

25 October 2023

Alternatif Bank announces the appointment of Ozan Kırmızı as its new Chief Executive Officer, with a pivotal role in spearheading significant transformation initiatives within retail banking area. Commenting on his appointment, Board Chairman Omar Alfardan, stated, "With the leadership of Ozan Kırmızı, we are embarking on a new era of development that will carry Alternatif Bank into the future."

A new era starts at Alternatif Bank, which has been operating with an Insightful and Advisory banking approach for over 3 decades. Alternatif Bank Board of Directors has officially announced the appointment of Ozan Kırmızı as the new CEO and Board Member. This appointment will become effective in November following the approval of BRSA.

Ozan Kırmızı attained his Bachelor’s degree from Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration followed by his Master's degree in Finance and Accounting from Macqauire University. Furthermore, he successfully completed the Executive Leadership Program at Stanford University. Since joining ING Turkiye in 2006, he has held various executive positions in the digital and retail banking space and has been a driving force behind the implementation of numerous innovative digital services and applications in the industry. Until recently, Kırmızı served as the EVP of Retail Banking at ING Turkiye and Chairman of ING Yatırım since 2020.

Omar Alfardan, Alternatif Bank Board Chairman and Commercial Bank Managing Director, shared the following remarks regarding the appointment: "At Alternatif Bank, we have successfully implemented significant transformations with our Insightful and Advisory banking approach. We are delighted to embark on a new phase of development that will propel our Bank into the future in conventional and digital banking, under the leadership of Ozan Kırmızı. I believe that our strong foundations and robust corporate governance structure will pave the way for future success. As we have consistently stated, we have confidence in Turkiye's potential and its robust banking sector. We will continue to provide unwavering support to Alternatif Bank."

Joseph Abraham, Alternatif Bank Board Vice Chairman and Commercial Bank Group CEO, also offered his insights on the matter: "With Alternatif Bank being the largest international subsidiary within our group, this appointment carries significant importance for us. With Mr. Kırmızı’s expertise in digital banking, we believe that Alternatif Bank will pursue an efficient and effective growth strategy in the new era, enhancing its contribution within our group."

Ozan Kırmızı: "We will deliver a differentiating experience"

Highlighting Alternatif Bank's strength in corporate governance, Ozan Kırmızı added, "I am excited and proud to lead such a well-rooted and dynamic organisation as Alternatif Bank, which has successfully undergone significant transformations. With the support of our shareholders, our board of directors, and our competent employees, we are committed to delivering a differentiating experience to our customers. I strongly believe that we will continue to create value for our country's economy and all stakeholders through the new success stories we will create as a team."

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