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Press Releases and Announcements

On this page, you may find Alternatif Bank’s press releases and announcements.

Press Releases and Announcements

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  • Alternatif Bank Provided TRY 60.3 Billion Support to the Economy in 2023

    Details 06 February 2024

    Changes in EFT and Remittance Fees 2024

    Details 08 January 2024

    Bike Tarakcı has been appointed as the Human Resources EVP for Alternatif Bank

    Details 20 December 2023

    VOV Account customers continue to earn daily without waiting for maturity at a %47 interest rate at Alternatif Bank!

    Details 12 December 2023

    Alternatif Bank presented Atatürk movie, translated into sign language, to the deaf on the International Day of People with Disabilities

    Details 04 December 2023

    Alternatif Bank Announces Ozan Kırmızı as its New CEO

    Details 25 October 2023

    Accessible Banking Podcast Series from Alternatif Bank: “The Only Alternative Is To Eliminate Obstacles”

    Details 12 October 2023

    Alternatif Bank is Expanding its Pioneering 'Accessible Banking Glossary' in Türkiye with New Terms

    Details 28 September 2023

    Alternatif Bank Continues to Improve Effortless Digital Banking Experience

    Details 20 September 2023

    New Appointments to Alternatif Bank Senior Management

    Details 31 August 2023

    Alternatif Bank Combines Digital Banking with Human Touch and Breaks New Grounds for Customer Experience

    Details 25 August 2023

    Alternatif Bank and Robot Hand Association Joined Forces for Children That Lost Their Limbs

    Details 15 August 2023

    Alternatif Bank Provided TRY 57 Billion Support to the Economy in the Second Quarter of 2023

    Details 29 July 2023

    Alternatif Bank Created its Values with its Employees, Celebrates Them with “Values Week”

    Details 26 June 2023

    Alternatif Bank Continues to Offer Convenience to its Employees with “Alternatif Yaz” Practice

    Details 21 June 2023

    Clients that Open Investment Accounts Through Alternatif Bank Mobile can Access Simultaneous Stock Exchange Data at No Charge

    Details 15 June 2023

    EBRD Awards Alternatif Bank as the First Prize Winner for Six Consecutive Years

    Details 19 May 2023

    Alternatif Bank Provided 51 Billion TL Support to The Economy In The First Quarter of 2023

    Details 29 April 2023

    Alternatif Bank VOV Account Yields Continuous Endless Welcome Interest

    Details 26 April 2023

    Accessible Employment from Alternatif Bank

    Details 25 April 2023

    Alternatif Bank Recorded Over TRY 1 Billion Consolidated Net Income In 2022

    Details 02 February 2022

    Alternatif Bank Blazes a Trail With Its “Accessible Banking Glossary” Project

    Details 17 March 2023

    Alternatif Bank with SWAP Agreed Rediscount Loans Pioneering a New Era In Foreign Trade Financing

    Details 06 March 2023

    Alternatif Bank Provides TRY 53 Billion Support To The Economy

    Details 01 November 2022

    Alternatif Bank is Building Its Corporate Culture Upon Accessible Banking

    Details 30 September 2022

    Alternatif Bank continued its steady growth in the second quarter of the year

    Details 29 July 2022

    IFC recognises Alternatif Bank as the “Best Operations Bank"

    Details 05 January 2022

    Alternatif Bank Increases Deposit Volume, Contributing Greatly to Türkiye’s Economy

    Details 02 November 2021

    Hale Ökmen Ataklı, appointed as Alternatif Bank’s new Executive Vice President of Human Resources

    Details 26 October 2021

    Alternatif Bank continues to contribute to the Turkish economy

    Details 09 August 2021

    Update on Our Branchs’ Working Hours

    Details 16 May 2021

    Alternatif Bank Is Well On Track To Reaching Its Targets For 2021, In Keeping With Its Motto, “We Have The Power. We Are The Future!”

    Details 12 March 2021

    Alternatif Bank’s Credit Volume Is Up by 25% In 2020

    Details 09 February 2021

    Two Appointments for Alternatif Bank’s Top Management

    Details 15 January 2021

    Security Verification with Mobile Notification and Alternatif Password

    Details 29 December 2020

    Alternatif Bank’s Credit Volume Is Up by 24% In The First Three Quarters

    Details 02 November 2020

    Alternatif Bank Receives USD 50 Million From The EBRD and IFC In Support Of SMEs

    Details 20 October 2020

    Alternatif Bank Launches Best Practice In “Accessible Banking”

    Details 21 September 2020

    Alternatif Bank’s loan volume increased by 16.1% in the first half of the year

    Details 30 July 2020

    Alternatif Bank Receives 3 Trade Finance Awards from IFC and EBRD

    Details 03 June 2020

    Alternatif Bank Increases Credit Volume By 7.6% In The First Quarter

    Details 29 May 2020

    Alternatif Bank Increased Its Capital by TRY 307.7 Million

    Details 15 April 2020

    Cheque Payment Support Loan and Economic Stability Shield Loan Support Packages

    Details 28 March 2020

    Changes in EFT and Remittance Fees 2023

    Details 21 March 2023

    We Stand by our Customers against the Impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Details 24 March 2020

    Alternatif Bank Celebrates a Successful 2018 With Its Employees and Shares Future Targets

    Details 14 April 2019

    Qatari Investors Meet Turkish Venture Capital Funds in Doha

    Details 04 April 2019

    Emre Tongo Is The New General Manager at Alternatif Lease

    Details 01 April 2019

    Alternatif Bank hits 24% growth in 2018

    Details 01 February 2019

    Alternatif Bank Hits a 41% Growth In The First Three Quarters

    Details 22 November 2018

    Alternatif Bank’s new Head Office opening at Vadistanbul

    Details 13 November 2018

    Alternatif Bank Appoints Ömer Faruk Gönener as Head of Internal Audit

    Details 06 November 2018

    One more award for Alternatif Bank’s Annual Report from ARC Awards

    Details 01 October 2018

    Alternatif Bank Management Appoints Experienced Executive

    Details 29 August 2018
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