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Alternatif Bank presented Atatürk movie, translated into sign language, to the deaf on the International Day of People with Disabilities

04 December 2023

Alternatif Bank, continuing its Accessible Banking activities to create a rights-based and accessible banking experience for everyone, conducts projects that contribute to reinforcement of social consciousness and awareness for a more inclusive and accessible world without obstructions in every aspect of life. Alternatif Bank, acting with the mission of pioneering a shift of mentality in its sector and the society, presented Atatürk 1881 – 1919 movie, depicting the life of Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, to the deaf in its format translated into sign language in order to remind the value of accessibility on the occasion of December 3, International Day of People with Disabilities. 

The Bank hosted the deaf and their families at Paribu Cineverse Kanyon, where they were invited with the contributions of non-governmental organizations for people with disabilities, in collaboration with CGV Mars Cinema Group. In the event, which will set an example in the field of culture and arts and Turkish cinema industry, Atatürk 1881 – 1919 movie, which has gained widespread popularity, was presented to the deaf in its format translated into Turkish sign language. 

Alternatif Bank Brand, Communication, and Sustainability Manager Levent Ulusoy stated, “As Alternatif Bank, we continue our ‘Accessible Banking’ activities, which we launched 5 years ago believing the importance of designing and offering our services so that they are accessible by everyone, with a ‘rights-based’ approach and aim to pioneer a shift of mentality in our sector. In time, this approach extended beyond transforming our products and services and became a fundamental value of our Bank and an important component of our corporate culture. December 3, International Day of People with Disabilities, which means more than “raising awareness for just one day in a year” to us, is an important day that we embrace as Alternatif Bank. Considering the value of this day, we supported an important project, which we believe to send quite a valuable message in terms of accessibility. In cooperation with CGV Mars Cinema Group, we presented Atatürk 1881 – 1919 movie, which depicts the life of our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and attracted considerable interest across the country, to the deaf in a private screening with its translation into sign language. We believe that this project, which we realized with the perspective “It is a human right to access cultural life and arts”, is a call that raises awareness for not only our sector, but also all major institutions in terms of contributing to accessibility. As Alternatif Bank, we will keep on working with the motto ‘The Only Alternative Is to Eliminate Obstacles’ and contributing to a more accessible and inclusive life”. 

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