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Alternatif Bank continued its steady growth in the second quarter of the year

29 July 2022

Alternatif Bank disclosed its financial results for the second quarter of 2022. Continuing its steady growth in line with its goals, Alternatif Bank increased its equities in addition to growth. According to the consolidated figures, assets of the Bank are TRY 63 billion and support provided by the Bank to the economy with cash and non-cash loans is TRY 52 billion. Consolidated net profit of Alternatif Bank, having increased its deposit volume to TRY 33.4 billion, was realized as TRY 349 million.

According to the consolidated figures in the second quarter of 2022, total asset size of Alternatif Bank reached TRY 63 billion by 24% increase in comparison with the end of 2021. The support provided by the Bank to the national economy with cash (including leasing receivables) and non-cash loans reached TRY 52 billion by 24% increase in comparison with the end of last year. Alternatif Bank, having increased its deposit volume by 23% to TRY 33.4 billion, continued to protect its asset quality besides the growth in its balance sheet. Equities of the Bank reached TRY 3.2 billion by 24% increase and capital adequacy ratio was realized as 19.47% in this period. Thanks to its successful performance in the first half of 2022, consolidated net profit of Alternatif Bank for the period was realized as TRY 349 million.

 “We are growing with prudent and firm steps by protecting our asset quality”

CEO Kaan Gür, evaluating the financial results of Alternatif Bank for the second quarter of 2022, stated “As Alternatif Bank, we left behind the second quarter of 2022, when global uncertainties continued, with successful results in line with our goals. These results that we achieved as of the 2nd quarter of 2022, when we are celebrating our 30th year in Turkish banking sector, reveal that we are progressing towards our long-term growth objectives with firm steps. We are continuing to protect our asset quality as we are growing our balance sheet. On the other hand, we experienced a strong improvement in TRY deposit volume and achieved 64% growth in comparison with the end of the previous year. As we are growing with firm steps, we are continuing to offer sustainable contribution to our clients, stakeholders, and the economy.”

“We are continuing investments without interruption while we are focused on digital”

Kaan Gür, indicating that their investments in technology and digital channels played a significant role in particularly new client acquisition and deposit inclusion of Alternatif Bank, expressed: “Retail Banking and Digital Banking, an integral part of Retail Banking in our opinion, are the main areas that we focus on as Alternatif Bank in our growth strategy. We are continuing to make investments and take steps in this area. As we aim to have our clients experience the difference of Alternatif Bank with a digital banking approach that prioritizes people, we reap the rewards for our regular investments as increases in both the number of clients and the deposit volume. In the first 6 months of 2022, 54% of our clients that joined Alternatif Bank family came from our digital channels. On the other hand, while the number of accounts opened via our digital channels increased by 130% in comparison with the end of the previous year, deposit volume in accounts opened via these channels grew by 168%. As a result of actions taken in line with our objectives, we achieved 77% year-on-year growth in our clients that actively use our digital channels.   

As we increase the diversity of services in our banking channels in line with the needs of our clients, we aim to raise the experience of our users to the next level with our technology investments focused on people. We always focus on our clients and consider our primary objective to offer a flawless digital banking service with a distinctive experience.”

“We are making difference with our expertise in foreign trade”

CEO Kaan Gür, addressing the performance of Alternatif Bank in the field of foreign trade, which is among its strategic priorities, stated: “We increasingly continue our impact in the field of foreign trade, with which we reinforce the ‘Consultant Bank’ approach with our specialist staff, in 2022 as well. As a reflection of the emphasis we place on exportation in foreign trade, the export volume that we intermediated grew by 43% and reached USD 1 billion this year in comparison with the first 6 months of the last year. We are aiming to have intermediated more than USD 2 billion of export transactions by the end of 2022. On the other hand, in respect of loans with export commitments, loans extended from the resources of our bank increased by 134% and reached USD 374 million in comparison with the end of June, last year. As a result of all these efforts, our foreign trade volume was realized as USD 2.2 billion in the first half of the year.

Our successful performance in financing foreign trade and exportation brings together the most prestigious awards to our bank. “The Most Active User in Türkiye” award was granted for 5th consecutive time to us within the scope of the Foreign Trade Program of EBRD. The highest limit in Türkiye was allocated to our bank within the scope of this program, which contributed greatly to our improvement of funding diversity and foreign trade volume. On the other hand, we participated in events where the activities of our foreign trade team were presented as best example case by IFC. Strong relationships that we established with supranational institutions are very valuable as they confirm the trust in our bank and our success in foreign trade.”

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