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Alternatif Bank Is Well On Track To Reaching Its Targets For 2021, In Keeping With Its Motto, “We Have The Power. We Are The Future!”

12 March 2021

Weathering the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic that has left its mark on the entire banking industry, Alternatif Bank sustained steady growth and completed 2020 in line with its financial targets. Recently, the Bank held its 2021 Digital Vision Meeting attended by all bank employees with a focus on communicating the challenges faced over the last year and providing insights into the Bank’s overall performance. Highlighting this year’s motto, “We Have the Power. We are the Future,” the meeting articulated the Bank’s objectives for 2021 and its medium-term plans. 2021 Digital Vision Meeting brought together over 1,000 employees of Alternatif Bank and its subsidiaries online, with keynote speeches and presentations delivered by Alternatif Bank Chief Executive Officer Kaan Gür and esteemed senior executives, including Alternatif Bank Chairman of the Board and Commercial Bank Managing Director Omar Hussain Alfardan and Alternatif Bank Vice Chairman of the Board and Commercial Bank Group Chief Executive Officer Joseph Abraham. Also, a Years of Service Award Ceremony took place at the online meeting, recognizing and celebrating the employees who have hit their 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th work anniversaries at Alternatif Bank. 

In his speech at the meeting, Alternatif Bank CEO Kaan Gür said, “We are more than delighted to have met our year-end targets despite the dire circumstances of the pandemic. This success is the result of our advisory banking approach. This success is the fruit of dedication, commitment and cooperation by each and every Alternatif Bank employee. In this time of economic instability and faced with drastic changes in terms of customer expectations, we have set our minds to exploring new ways of doing business. It has been our utmost concern to protect our health, to prioritize business continuity planning, and to take cautious and prompt actions in order to adapt to these changes, always with an eye for steady growth. Even in these challenging times, we have been able to maintain above industry average growth rates. We have always stood by our customers and listened to their needs. I believe that what has made us stand out is our advisory approach and our substantial contributions to economic progress, employment and exports. We are a strong team, and we have always written our own success story. With our motto, “We Have the Power. We are the Future,” we are walking into the future, all together. Having said that, I would also like to extend my gratitude to our shareholder Commercial Bank and our esteemed Members of the Board for their continuous support on this journey. Thanks to the determination and motivation of our employees and the trust bestowed upon our Bank by our shareholder, we will further continue our investments that will take Alternatif Bank into the future, as well as our assiduous efforts to create value for our country, for the greater region and for all of our stakeholders with our insightful and advisory banking approach.”

Alternatif Bank Chairman of the Board and Commercial Bank Managing Director Omar Hussain Alfardan said, “We left behind an extremely challenging year on a global scale. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Alternatif Bank family for their zealous ‘team spirit’ and perseverance that produced this great performance. Although recent developments suggest a relatively positive macroeconomic expectations for 2021, we all know that there is yet another difficult year waiting for us. And yet, I am fully confident of your continued success as the competent bankers of Alternatif Bank and of your potential contributions to the economy in the future. At this point, I would like to let you know that Commercial Bank’s support will always be there for you in the future as well.”

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