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Alternatif Bank Recorded Over TRY 1 Billion Consolidated Net Income In 2022

02 February 2023

Alternatif Bank announced its 2022 financial results. According to the consolidated figures, assets of the bank, displaying a strong performance with its insightful and consultant banking approach, was TRY 59.8 billion, while it provided TRY 52.9 billion support to the economy with cash and non-cash loans. Consolidated net profit of Alternatif Bank, having raised its deposit volume to TRY 32.2 billion, was realized as TRY 1 billion and 66 million at the end of the year. 

Total asset size of Alternatif Bank reached TRY 59.8 billion in 2022, growing by 18% in comparison with year-end 2021, according to the consolidated figures. As of the end of this period, the support provided by the Bank to the domestic economy with cash (including leasing receivables) and non-cash loans displayed a year-on-year growth by 26% to TRY 52.9 billion. TRY deposits of Alternatif Bank, having grown its deposit volume by 18.5% to TRY 32.2 billion, in total deposits reached 64% in line with its Liraization strategy. Capital adequacy ratio of the Bank, having maintained its asset quality besides the improvement in its balance sheet, was 22.4% in the relevant period. Consolidated net period profit of Alternatif Bank, displaying a successful performance throughout 2022, was TRY 1 billion and 66 million. As profitability increased, shareholders’ equity of the Bank also grew stronger and increased by 55% to TRY 4 billion and 38 million.

“We successfully completed our 30th year with our Insightful Banking approach”

CEO Kaan Gür evaluated 2022 year-end financial results of the Bank and stated, “As Alternatif Bank, we progressed unwaveringly towards our goals in 2022 amidst the impact of global macroeconomic uncertainties, and we successfully completed 2022, as proper for the 30th year of our Bank. In this year, when we achieved remarkable results, our ‘Insightful and Consultant Banking’ principles guided us once again. We continued to create value for all our clients, stakeholders, and national economy with a steady and strong stance. We maintained our strong asset quality and reached our profitability goals in 2022, when numerous legislative changes, of particular concern to our sector, were experienced. As we generated results exceeding our budget goals throughout the year, we successfully increased the share of TRY in our deposits and loans pursuant to the liraization strategy of CBRT and implemented macroprudential policies. Besides, we also increased our capital adequacy ratio, on which we always placed great emphasis.

“We are working towards creating a difference with a digital banking approach that touches upon people”

Kaan Gür emphasized the importance of the strategy, adopted in the field of digital banking, in the successful performance of Alternatif Bank in 2022, and continued: “We consider digitalization as complementary to the experience that we offer to our clients, and we aim to offer consultant banking, needed by our clients, through digital channels by blending technology with human touch. We certainly witnessed the reflection of this approach to our business results in the past year. In this context, we gained 2 out of 3 new customers through digital channels, with a performance beyond our goal in 2022. We will continue our growth in retail segment by expanding our investments in digital banking further.” 

"We maintained our focus on foreign trade, we increased our support to exporters”

Kaan Gür, emphasizing that foreign trade is one of the strongest muscles of Alternatif Bank, stated “Foreign trade, particularly exportation is the leading field that we have been focusing on for years. We support our clients with our financing, knowledge, and experience; we grow with them and we maintain our strong development in foreign trade. In this scope, we achieved 30% year-on-year growth and exceeded USD 2 billion in exportation volume that we mediated in 2022. We increased our total foreign trade volume to USD 4.1 billion. We grew by 22% to USD 600 million since the beginning of 2022 in exportation commitment loans. On the other hand, we won the “Most Active User in Turkey”we won the “Most Active User in Turkey” award for 5th consecutive time within the scope of the ‘Foreign Trade Program’ of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which we participated in 2017. We will increasingly continue to support our Exporters with our consultant banking approach.” 

“Our objective in Accessible Banking activities is to lead a change of mindset in our sector”

CEO Kaan Gür, expressing his opinions about Accessible Banking activities of the Bank, concluded his speech as follows: “2022 has been an important year also in terms of our Accessible Banking activities, which we conduct with great conviction. We materialized the ‘Banking Terms Glossary Project’ as a valuable output of Ideathons that we have been organizing with our youth for the last 3 years. Under this project, we are developing a video glossary where we explain banking terms, which do not have equivalents in Turkish sign language, by means of audio description, sign language, and simplified text. Thus, we have started to create an important resource for segments that are unable to benefit adequately from banking services, particularly deaf and blind individuals and people with low level of financial literacy. On the other hand, the Banks Association of Turkey organized a workshop, in which representatives of numerous banks and institutions from our sector participated, in summer 2022 upon initiative of our Bank and recommendation of BRSA. We are profoundly glad to have assumed an active role in this meeting to lead a change of mindset in our sector. 

The success that we achieved is based on intense efforts and devotion of our employees and constant support of our Board of Directors. There is no doubt that our responsibility to economy, our country, and our society continues increasingly after every successful period. We are taking firm steps toward fulfilling this responsibility by our expanding our goals.”

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