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Alternatif Bank Management Appoints Experienced Executive

29 August 2018

Aiming to offer a unique banking experience to its customers with its new brand identity and refreshed vision, Alternatif Bank reinforces its executive management with a strong name. Thanks to her significant experience in the sector, Mrs. Yeşim Şimşek now will be taking over Alternatif Bank’s corporate and affluent banking operations.

Regarding the appointment, Alternatif Bank CEO Mr. Kaan Gür commented, “We attach a great importance to the quality of our services and customer satisfaction under corporate banking. To this end, we aim to offer a competent advisory banking service and find unique solutions which will respond to all of the financial needs of our customers. I firmly believe that our new Corporate and Affluent Banking Executive Vice President,Mrs. Yeşim Şimşek will make significant contributions to our targets with her experience, and I would like to congratulate Mrs. Şimşek on her new role.”

Mrs. Yeşim Şimşek also commented, “I am so glad now that I am a part of Alternatif Bank family, which reaches further beyond its advisory bank claim day by day,” and added: “I am certain that with our experienced, competent and dynamic management, we will “Always Advance Together” in corporate and affluent banking.

About Yeşim Şimşek

Yeşim Şimşek graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Communication, and started her professional career in 1986, holding positions at various banks until 2001. In 2001, Şimşek joined Garanti Bank, where she was Branch Manager in Gebze Commercial and 1. Levent Commercial branches until 2004, and İstanbul Regional Manager in 2004-2013. Şimşek recently served as Commercial Banking Marketing Coordinator at Garanti Bank from May 2013 to May 2018.

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