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EBRD Awards Alternatif Bank as the First Prize Winner for Six Consecutive Years

19 May 2023

Alternatif Bank has been awarded as the "Most Active User in Turkey" under the Trade Facilitation Program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The bank has won this award for the sixth consecutive time due to its contributions to Turkey's foreign trade volume and high transaction volumes within the program, and this year it has also been honored with the "Green Transaction of the Year" award.

Since joining the Trade Facilitation Program of EBRD in 2017, Alternatif Bank has been recognized as the "Most Active User in Turkey" for the sixth time this year, thanks to its successful performance in financing foreign trade and the value it creates for its customers. Additionally, this year Alternatif Bank also received the "Green Transaction of the Year" award given by EBRD to banks facilitating the trade of green technology and products in the countries where EBRD operates.

In the strategic priority of foreign trade, Alternatif Bank continues to demonstrate successful performance by providing credit support to exporter companies, which it increases every year, and guiding them with its expertise through the concept of "Advisory Banking." Turkey joined EBRD's Trade Facilitation Program in 2011, and by the end of 2022, a transaction volume of 2.4 billion euros was realized in Turkey within the program. The program includes over 800 member banks from 88 countries worldwide. Being one of EBRD's important partners, Alternatif Bank has been selected as the "Most Active User in Turkey" for the sixth consecutive time since 2018, reaffirming its success and competence in this field. Furthermore, Alternatif Bank was also honored with the "Green Transaction of the Year" award given by EBRD for facilitating the trade of green technology and products. The awards were received on behalf of Alternatif Bank by Ahmet Kınalısoy, Head of Financial Institutions, and Supervisor Seyhan Katı, at the award ceremony of the External Trade Program held within EBRD's 32nd Annual Meeting and Business Forum in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, on May 16, 2023.

Kaan Gür, CEO of Alternatif Bank, commented on the awards received by the bank: "Considering the uncertainties and changes in the global economy, we are all aware of the importance of foreign trade and especially exports in the sustainable growth of our country's economy. With this perspective, we prioritize foreign trade and continue to support our customers at the highest level in financial and non-financial matters with our vision of advisory banking. We attach great importance to providing financial resources tailored to the needs of our exporters and striving to support them under all circumstances. In our efforts, the collaboration we have had with EBRD, with whom we have worked closely for many years, becomes a driving force for us. Within this scope, we utilized the limits set within the EBRD Trade Facilitation Program for the use of real sector in Turkey in the fastest and most efficient way. Being rewarded as the 'Most Active User in Turkey' by EBRD for the sixth consecutive time this year is a special pride for Alternatif Bank. However, what is more valuable is that our active and efficient collaboration with EBRD cements our continious development in foreign trade in recent years and demonstrates the value we bring to both our country and our customers. It is also a great pleasure for us to receive the 'Green Transaction of the Year' award initiated by EBRD to reward banks facilitating the trade of green products and technologies. As we progress with our strategy of incorporating sustainability into all our business processes, the international awards we have received further enhance our motivation. Our goal is to continue providing support to the Turkish economy and exporters with an increasing volume every year, based on our approach of advisory and insightful banking.”

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