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Clients that Open Investment Accounts Through Alternatif Bank Mobile can Access Simultaneous Stock Exchange Data at No Charge

15 June 2023

Alternatif Bank, expanding its operations by integrating convenience and speed, two of the top requirements of the digital age, in its services, offer its clients to open investment account through its mobile application. Clients can complete the eligibility test under “investment and foreign exchange” option and instantly complete opening their investment accounts on Alternatif Bank Mobile application. After opening their accounts, clients can access Alternatif Trader investment application within Alternatif Bank Mobile and perform their transactions. Clients can easily perform many transactions such as stock trading, fund transactions, and public offering using the investment account that they open.

Alternatif Bank, offering services to add value to the savings of its clients, also provides those who open investment accounts easily and instantly on its mobile application with the opportunity to view simultaneous stock exchange data at no charge for a limited time. When Alternatif Bank clients open Alternatif Invest accounts, they can not only view stock exchange data at no charge, but they can also monitor real time data. 

Alternatif Bank EVP Gökay Dede, sharing his remarks about the matter, expressed, “We are working toward offering a unique customer experience with our digital solutions that facilitate banking applications for everyone. In this context, one of our solutions that we offered recently to our clients, in addition to our deposit products, is the integration that connects investment accounts through our mobile application. Thus, our clients can reach free and simultaneous foreign exchange data, and easily follow and apply for public offering transactions via our mobile application. Our feature to open investment accounts on mobile attracted considerable interest although it was launched just a few months ago. We observed that the total number of investment accounts, opened through our digital channels, quadrupled in comparison with the previous months upon implementation of the feature to open investment accounts on mobile. We wil continue developing digital and mobile banking solutions that facilitate and add value to the lives of our customers in the coming periods”.

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